Monday, March 24, 2014

To Our Missionary


“Our son the missionary”—
That phrase just sounds so good.
We’re really glad to know
You plan to do the thing you should:
Our prophet dear has told us
A mission is His plan—
It’s the thing that is expected
From each young and worthy man.
Dear “mission mormonary”,
We’ll support you all we can
The Lord will surely bless you—
You’ll become a greater man!
Now may we give some hints. Oh, please,
Those mission rules obey—
They’re for your own best good, son,
Though it may not seem that way.
“Our son, the missionary”—
Be sure to set high goals,
Then plan and strive to reach them
As you serve in various roles.
Especially learn the doctrine—
Be sure to live the truth,
So you can teach with power,
With all your strength of youth.
“Our son, the Mormon elder,”
Soon you’ll be (no joke)
A savior on Mt. Zion
To many grateful folk.
Whate’er your call, where’er you serve,
Just do your very best—
Then talk with God in humble prayer,
And He will do the rest.
While you are on your mission,
Be sure our family
Gets a letter weekly—
Show them your love and see.
How great and marvelous blessings
Upon your home will come,
Because of that sweet spirit
From as missionary son.
Above all, know we love you
And we’re for you all the way
Till mission’s end for you, son,
And you’re home safe to stay.
                           --Jay M. Richardson

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