Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Fond Memories" by Minnie K. Stratton

                          FOND MEMORIES

There's a little town of Snowflake that's very dear to my heart,
And a big house on the corner that of me is a part.
There's many a memory that clings around that home,
Every room I love dearly from cellar to dome.

With its heavy brick walls that stand two stories high,
It's a precious old building that reaches toward the sky.
With its many big windows for sunlight and fresh air.
We love it and many happy hours were spent there.

When we moved in that house we had two little girls.
We were happy and quite content and they were our pearls.
We decided to move in the house before it was done,
And had lived there three weeks when we had a new son.

We lived in three rooms and worked hard all the while
To finish the others all up in grand style.
We had carpenters, plasterers. and painters, too,
Worked hard all spring, there was so much to do.

It was clean and new; we thought it was swell,
But the next thing was furnishing to make it look well,
And so we bought furniture, curtains, carpets and all.
We were quite proud to have our friends call.

As time went on our children came along one by one,
And to our family there came another lovely son,
Making for us two little girls so sweet,
Then two nice boys to make our circle quite complete.

Then when our baby was eight months old,
He was very ill and the Father in Heaven called him home.
A year after that another little girl was sent
To comfort our hearts and make us more content.
To acknowledge God's hand for his blessings so dear,
May we gladly serve him while we are here.

Other children were added as time went on,
And each day brought us work which we did with a song.
We were thankful to our Heavenly Father so kind;
If we were all well, we didn't mind.

Then in three years more our Father sent us two little
   girls so sweet,
We were so happy; they made our family complete.
We cared for them tenderly, although it was work,
We never complained and never shirked.

Then one day our Daddy was called on a mission
   to go,
It seemed a long time, two years move so slow.
Just a month after he left the angel of death came
  one day,
Called and took one of our darlings away.

It was a hard trial for me to bear all alone,
Also hard for him when so far from home,
But we trusted in God to comfort and bless,
We prayed him to help us to see it was best.

After two long years, his stay at an end,
He came home in honor the truth to defend.
Then later two sons filled missions so fine,
And came home with a testimony to all mankind.

We had 13 children to bear our name too,
And have tried to set examples good and true,
Sickness and death took five of them away
So we just have eight living now today.

We celebrated our fiftieth wedding, had such a
  wonderful time,
With our children and grandchildren all down the
He and I spent five years in temple work
Which to us was wonderful and grand.

Saviours on Mount Zion, we tried with our might
To help those in prison to see the light.
Then Daddy was so feeble and weak; he felt he
  had done his part,
His old home in Snowflake was dear to his heart.

We cared for him tenderly, he was quite content,
He said he was thankful he owed no man a cent.
One night he took a bad pain in his chest,
I got the doctor; he did what he thought best
But all to no avail; our Heavenly Father called him
  home in peace and joy to rest.

Daddy loved his family and held each one very dear.
He wanted each to have a home to live real near.
Said if he had his way of what he thought right
He would know where each one was every day and

It has been ten years and I am left here to still
  carry on,
And wait my time to go; be it short or long.
Although at times I feel lonely, sad and blue,
My children are each thoughtful, kind and true.

I have just celebrated my 80th birthday, so grand,
The family all here; no finer in the land.
We had a lovely program that was fine indeed
And a lovely dinner with eighty mouths to feed.

With seven children here to celebrate, it's fine,
Their children, which numbered forty-nine,
Great grand-children which numbered sixty-two,
Great-great, I think there were eight, this is really
  all true.

We invited our friends and neighbors; they seemed
  to be happy too,
With greeting cards and presents and loving words
  so good and true,
A time to be remembered by each and every one,
I'll live it over and over until my work is done.
                           --December 28, 1950

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