Wednesday, March 19, 2014

He Prayed, Really


He came down to breakfast,
This gentleman of old,
A man with whited hair, and eyes
That searched one’s very soul
Kind, in every way, and one
You’d know would be a friend—
T’was good to have him there
And feel his spirit with ours blend.
We knelt around the table
‘Ere this meal, before the day,
And we were pleased as our new friend
Was called upon to pray.
He said, “Thank you”, and then began
To pray most reverently,
Saying, “Heavenly Father,
May we now speak with thee?”
And as he prayed it tempted us
To look up during that prayer,
To see if Heavenly Father
Was indeed standing right there.
Dear Lord, help me to learn to pray
Sincerely, genuinely,
So when I say my prayers I’ll really
Truly “speak with thee.”
                            -- Jay M. Richardson

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