Saturday, March 8, 2014

"The kind of mother I want to be", by Minnie K. Stratton

Minnie K. Stratton (mother of Lavona's mother Irene) was a very righteous woman and a very good poet.  We have a book filled with her poetry.  Here's one of them:


I want to be the kind of a mother
My children can love and adore.
I want to be a sweetheart and pal,
All this and a little bit more.

I want to live worthy of the name of Mother;
All their sorrows and joys to share.
I want to teach, by example, the best.
I want them to feel that I care.

I hope my children will find in my life
Some good noble deeds so true,
That they will be ready and willing to say
Your teachings have helped me through.

I want to be gentle, loving and kind
To friends and neighbors all.
I want to be the kind of a friend,
One who they would love to call.

I want to forgive each one their faults
As I would have them forgive mine.
Oh, may I not look for the faults in others
But correct the ones in myself I find.

I want to love my neighbors as myself
And bless them with kind word and deed.
I want comforting service to give
To the sorrowing and those in need.

I pray that my Father in Heaven,
All this He will help me to do,
That when my work on earth is complete,
I'll be found with the faithful and true.
             --Minnie K. Stratton

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