Saturday, April 13, 2013

"My Dad", by Vernon Richardson (written Dec. 2012)


A warm smile, a pat on the back, I knew dad was there with me.
He'd been there, felt it, and lived it.  Knew both life's challenge and glee.

My dad was a quiet man.  Self assured but nearly silent.
When he spoke, you listened.  His signal was clear when it was quiet.

Since last year, dad's gone for awhile.  No warm "hello" when I call home.
We can't talk 'bout the "suns" or recent travels to Virden or Rome.

No new poem to cherish.  No one to mow my lawn or baby to hold.
You're so missed, Dad.  But I'm sure you're busy bringing all to God's fold.

Now I look above my desk and see a picture of you and me.
That warm smile, that pat on the back.  I know you're still there beside me.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Strattons/Flake home

 The William and Minnie Stratton family (Grandmother Flake's parents).  Picture to the far right (back row) is Irene Stratton Flake (Grandma Richardson's mother)
 Bruce and Irene Flake in front of the Flake home (where Grandma Richardson grew up)
Another picture of the Flake home.