Friday, March 7, 2014

Marry Well

The time has come, in life’s short span, that it seems appropriate
For your old Dad, imperfect still, to tell you, “what is what.”
Now this I know, that much advice is cheap—and lightly taken,
But may I beg of you just once—let not this be forsaken.
For heeding this may mean for you a life like in heaven--not hell—
Both here, and in eternity!  So hear this:   “Marry Well”.

Now I don’t mean that “he” must be all handsome, rich, and smart—
But, please, just choose a man who loves the Lord with all his heart!
Be sure to know “him” long enough to see how he will be
When things don’t go just his way—will he act angrily?
How will he treat his mom and dad? And will he keep his word?
Will he honor his priesthood calls—his covenants with the Lord?
Dear girls, till now you’ve lived good lives—there’s lots of credit due!
Decisions you have made thus far have made us proud of you!
But hear this—of all the choices in this world that tongue can tell—
The greatest in eternity is this—to Marry Well.                        

                                                                       --Jay M. Richardson

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