Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Atonement

The courtroom was in silence as the Judge came in the door.
The debtor hung his head, expecting mercy never more;
But as the sentence was pronounced upon the guilty man,
A friend stepped forward to the bar and said, "I have a plan.
I love this man; I'll pay the debt, If you will set him free,
And if he will repent and be responsible to me."
And so the debt was paid, the debtor ransomed, went his way,
Repentant, freed from suffering by the friend in court that day.  
The heavens stood in silence, as our Father entered in--
We bowed our heads in reverence, knowing we'd soon fall and sin;
But as salvation's plan was shown us, there stood up the Son of Man.
He said, "Fear not to go to earth--have faith, for I've a plan;
You'll fall, become unclean and be unworthy to come here;
But I'll go there and redeem you, for I love you--be of good cheer."
So as earth's history unfolded, Jesus came and paid the debt,
Freeing us from death and suffering by his sacrifice; and yet--  
Our part remains; faith unto repentance, work, enduring to the end,
Will complete the great atonement by our Lord, the Christ, our friend.        
                                                                        --Jay M. Richardson  

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