Monday, March 13, 2017

The Legacy, by Jay Richardson

          THE LEGACY

My life is like a legacy,
                  A gift from other lives.
It is what I do with who I am,
Why I believe and  strive,
A legacy that lifts and loves          
                  And lets me find my way;
It is a gift to keep and hold
To keep and hold today .

A legacy is having faith
                  To that I cannot see;
A quiet voice compels my feet
                  Down paths of sharp degree,
I take a step, but not alone,
I know he stands nearby,
His legacy is love.

As legacy is ours to share,
                  It resonates within;
It carries on from where we are,
                        The future to begin,
There is for each this legacy
                  That comes from holy spheres,
The blessedness of this great gift
                  Will carry through the years.

Remember, oh remember,
Remember and renew,
Remember, remember
The blessedness of these great gifts
That God bequeathes to  you.

                        --Jay M. Richardson