Sunday, March 23, 2014

At Grandpa's Farm

                               AT GRANDPA’S FARM
When I go up to Grandpa’s farm, I know that there will be
A loving Granddad’s welcoming—a special smile for me.
A pickup truck, a tractor, and a friendly horse to ride:
Some cows and hogs, some cats and dogs, I’ll feed, at Granddad’s side.
Though years have gone and time has fled, no sight of age I see
In my dear red-haired Grampa’s eyes—he’s young at heart to me.
When I go up to Grandma’s house, I know that there will me
Good things to eat, a house so neat, and sweet serenity.
My grandmother has lots to do but when I visit her,
There’s always time for games and fun with just a granddaughter.
Now they’ve been married fifty years and when this party’s o-er,
Each one of us will join with you to wish them fifty more.
             --Jay M. Richardson

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