Thursday, April 2, 2015

Full-time missions served in the Jay Richardson family!

Jay and Lavona
Jay- (1)  Western States Mission, (2) Indonesia Jakarta Mission, (3)  Illinois Nauvoo Mission
Lavona (1) Mexican Mission (2) Indonesia Jakarta Mission (3) Illinois Nauvoo Misison
            13 children (2 deceased) 66 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren

(1) Miriam  and husband Tony Beck- Italy Padova Mission
             (1)Kasey- Brussels Belgium/Netherlands Mission  and wife Emily with two children Jimmer and Jeffrey
            (2) Skyler-Rio do Janeiro North Brazil Mission with wife Rebekah  and two children, Alicia and McKay (one more expected in June)
            (3)Carrie and husband  Bret  Anderson-California San Bernardino with children Brian, Davis, Annie and Mary
            (4) Dallas-Ohio Cleveland Spanish Speaking Mission  and Lauren
            (5) Colby- Bulgaria Sofia  Mission  and Kelsi and daughter Shae
            (6) Jamie and Garrick Gaffney - Bulgaria Sofia Mission
            (7) Kayla
(2) Marlene and husband Mark Ellingson-Spain, Madrid Mission
            (1) Melanie and husband Nate Hopkins –California Oakland Mission with children Rachel, Christian, Joseph and Annalie (New baby expected in May)
            (2) Bonnie and husband Spencer Stradling-Michigan, Lansing Mission with children Kyson, Ashlyn, Ackensah, Brig, Lainee, and Jemma (new baby expected in June)
            (3) Jordan-Argentina, Bahia Blanca Mission  and wife Kaitlin with children McKae and Beckett
            (4) Dallin-Argentina, Resistencia and wife Laura with daughter Maylee
            (5) Carl-Albania, Tirana Mission
            (6) Gary-Nebraska Omaha Mission and wife Katie with daughter Maggie          
 (7) Rebekah –Guatemala, Guatemala City South Mission  and husband Daniel Free –Florida, Fort Lauderdale  Mission expecting baby in July)
            (8) Jaron-North Carolina, Raleigh Mission
            (9) Emily-California, San Fernando Valley Mission
            (10) Quinn
            (12) Tyler
            (13) Ryan
(3) Rauna and husband Fred Mortensen- Switzerland  Geneva Mission
            (1) Adrianne-Uruguay Montevideo Mission
            (2) Erin and husband Dantley Frehner-Florida Tallahassee Mission with children Maland and Koen
            (3) Carinne-Argentina Cordoba Mission
            (4) Parker-Paraguay Asuncion Mission
            (5) Nathan-Chile Santiago East Mission
            (6) Chelsea
            (7) Jamie-New Jersey Morristown Mission
            (8) Dale
(4) Joann and husband Robert Hancock-Guatemala Quetzaltenhango Mission
            (1) Camille- Nauvoo Performing Mission  and husband Jason Millar –Florida Tampa Mission with children Lincoln, Parley and Brighton
            (2) Travis-Taiwan Taichung Mission and wife Holly
            (3) Braden-Russian Samara Mission  and wife Lauren- Singapore Mission (with baby expected in October)
            (4) Derek-Brazil Cuiaba Mission
            (5) Janae-Taiwan Taichung Mission
            (6) Evan
            (7) Levi
            (8) Spencer
            (9) Preston
(5) Vernon-Venezuela Maricaibo Mission  and wife Connie
            (1) Alison and husband Robert Clawson-Denver Colorado Mission with children Abigail and Emily
            (2) Melissa-Florida Jacksonville Mission 
           (3) Hyrum- Taiwan Taipei Mission
            (4) Joseph
            (5) Rebecca
            ( 6) Benjamin
            (7) Rachel
            (8) Bethany
            (9) Mathew
            (10) Daniel
            (11) David
            (12) Mason
(6) Ray -Tokyo North Mission
(7) Kenneth-Scotland Edinburgh Mission  and wife Jennifer
            (1) Jared-Chicago Illinois Mission
            (2) Marcus
            (3) Elizabeth
            (4) Adam
            (5) Andy
(8)  Donald (deceased)
(9) Dale deceased)
(10) Margie -Chile Santiago West Mission and husband Russell Reese-Spain Madrid Mission
            (1) Lucy
            (2) Jay
            (3) Heidi
(11) Melvin- Russia Samara Mission   and wife Tami
            (1) Kaitlyn
            (2) Betsy
            (3) Lauren
            (4) Tanner
            (5) Carter
            (6) Logan
(12) Dean-Indiana Indianapolis Mission   and wife Jennifer
            (1) Devyn
            (2) Brielle
            (3) Phoebe
(13) Amy