Saturday, July 6, 2013

Reese Family's Tribute to Grandma Richardson

Reese’s List of Top Ten Words to Describe Mom/Grandma Richardson.

10. Prepared!: She carries the following items in her purse at all times: driver’s license, temple recommend, camera, cell phone, credit card, hair brush, lipstick, notebook, pen, and money.

9. Passionate: She is passionate about picture taking. Although she has owned many cameras, she got her first camera when she was in high school. It was a box camera and she still has it. She is so passionate about picture taking that she never lets a day go by when she doesn’t participate in her favorite hobby.

8. Vim and Vigor: It’s a rare day when she gets sick or needs to take a rest. She once stayed awake for 36 hours. She also has never broken a bone, but has had her kidney, appendix, and gall bladder removed, which has resulted in stitches.

7. Adventuresome: Although her favorite meal as a kid was “steak and gravy,” she has gone on to try some very interesting foods as she has traveled to over 15 countries in her lifetime. Just in case you are curious she can never pass up a Mexican meal topped off with ice cream that has nuts in it.

6. Industrious: Although the chore she absolutely hates doing is cleaning the bathroom, she has done many jobs in her lifetime. As a child she had her own corn patch in which she sold corn so that she could buy a watch. In college she worked at the BYU cafeteria and laundry. If she were younger she’d like become a Church History Educator.

5. Deprived: Although she has done some pretty amazing things she’s never had the chance to learn how to sing, have a nickname, fire a gun, own a childhood pet, be stung by a bee, participate in a food fight, get arrested, or dance in the rain. With this said… you now know what you can do the next time she comes to visit.

4. Involved: Over the years she has been involved with her community, church, and family. Did you know that she served off and on as a PTO president for almost 18 years?

3. Dedicated: Since 1974 she has not missed a day of writing in her journal. She tries to call or get in contact with her posterity on or near their birthday to sing their birthday wishes. She also makes her bed every day.

2. Fearful: Although she is one tough cookie some of her fears include: heights, losing touch with a good friend, doing the wrong thing, children who make bad choices, getting bumped from a flight and missing a family event.

1. Knowledgeable: She has read countless church books, attended many hours of seminars and workshops, and loves to learn just about anything she can get her hands on about the gospel.

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