Sunday, July 7, 2013

Melvin and Tami Richardson Family's Tributes to Grandma Richardson

   Nearly every success I have ever enjoyed in life has been in some way or another thanks to the cheerleading and support of my dear mother. Even my current job is thanks in no small part to Mom and her looking out for me. She has always been there to encourage, inspire and help me. I sometimes wonder what I would ever have amounted to if she hadn't prodded me along the way to achieve my potential and always do my best.
   The running joke in high school was that Mom took more pictures of my friends than their own parents did. I appreciate Mom's expression of love to me by chronicling my life through her pictures and her journaling. She realizes the value of recording the past to know where we've come from, and using it to march us into an expectant future. The legacy continues as my kids look forward to Grandma taking pictures of them and recording their lives.
   Mom never slows down. Whether it's working hard or playing hard, she does everything with gusto and tirelessness. Mom has been a go-getter for as long as I've known her and has instilled in us the belief that life is out there waiting for us to experience it. There's so much to see and do and experience, and anything is possible if we keep working and trying and never giving up.
   Mom is also committed to the Gospel. She lives it fully and never wavers and expresses her testimony to her family and friends by the way she lives her life. She is constant in scripture study and prayer. She has loved sharing the Gospel as a missionary in various settings throughout her life. It's fun to hear her weekly reports of those she met and talked with and shared her testimony with in her current missionary endeavor at the Conference Center.
   I love and appreciate Mom. Thanks for all you do! I hope my ultimate tribute to you is the way I live my life and raise my children. You've shown the way.
   Love, Melvin

   Mom, when I think of you I think of dedication. You are so dedicated to all that you see is important. What a great attribute!
   Your dedication to dad was always so obvious, especially as you took care of him when he was ill. What a great and powerful example of dedication to us all!
   Your dedication to your children is easy to see. How you taught them, encouraged them to pursue their talents, how involved you have always been in their lives, and ultimatley in how wonderful they have all become. I am constantly in awe at the greatness in this family.
   Your dedication to your grandchildren is evident and they know it! They feel so loved as you come to their performances, praise their accomplishments, and spend time with them.
   Your dedication to the gospel is unwaivering and is seen by all. Your missionary service, the way you live your life, and the way you have taught your family is inspiring. There is no doubt about your love for the Savior and your desire to follow him.
   I am so grateful for your dedication and example. I love you so much and am thankful for your influence in my life.
   Love, Tami

   I love that Grandma always comes to our performances and always tries to help us. She always asks about what's happening in my life. She makes me feel special.
   Love, Kaitlyn

   I love that Grandma loves to take pictures of us so that she can remember us. I also love that she comes to our house a lot to play with us and have fun.
   Love, Ashley

   I love that Grandma is always there to help us. She's kind and I love her lots!
   Love, Lauren

   Grandma is nice. I love that Grandma takes pictures of me. I love that she plays with me.
   Love, Tanner

   I love when Grandma comes to our house and reads books to me.
   Love, Carter

   I love you, Grandma.
   Love, Logan

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