Saturday, April 5, 2014

What Shall I Do With Jesus?

                 WHAT SHALL I DO WITH JESUS?
“What shall I do with Jesus?” mighty Pontius Pilate said,
“I find no fault in him, but it’s the people that I dread!
“I cannot set him free, and yet, I cannot have him die.
I’ll wash my hands of him, I guess,” said Pilate, with a sigh.
“What shall I do with Jesus?” King Agrippa thought, when Paul
Explained the Gospel, though in chains in Caesarea’s hall.
“Almost I am persuaded to be a Christian now.
(But what would people think if I accepted Christ somehow?)”
What shall I do with Jesus?  There’s a question for us all!
Do we follow Him completely, as did Apostle Paul?
Or do we wash our hands of Him when we’re among the crowd,
Like Pilate or Agrippa, the powerful and proud?
Said Christ, “I would thou wert all hot or cold, but not lukewarm.
Come follow me, wholeheartedly—I’ll see you through the storm!”
What shall we do with Jesus? We must answer our own way—
Eternity depends on what we do with Christ today!

--Jay M. Richardson

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