Saturday, April 19, 2014

He Lives

                                       HE LIVES

He lived, and died and lived again,
As was foretold by prophets’ pen,
For at meridian of time,
The Christ was born and lived to prime;

He came to John and was baptized,
Then called the twelve and organized
His kingdom on the earth, and said
To seek it first, not wealth instead.

His enemies prevailed at last—
Thought Jesus’ influence was past.
His body, slain, was laid to rest;
But on the third day was the test—

For Christ arose, up from the dead,
Full flesh and bones, for as he said,
“Please come handle me and see—
A spirit’s not as ye see me.”

He lived, and died, and lived again,
As witnessed gospel writers’ pen,
And since he lives, we too shall see
The resurrection’s blessings free—

He paid the price for all mankind,
And we shall leave that grave behind.
Moreover, with repentant mind,
Enduring to the end, we’ll find

That spiritual death may be o’ercome,
And we may dwell in His kingdom.
He lived, and died, and lived again,
And set the pattern for all men—

Hopefully we’ll all be there,
Celestial blessings with Him share,
Through Him salvation’s for all men—
We live, we’ll die, and live again.

                                 -- Jay M. Richardson

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