Monday, April 14, 2014

Memories of Snowflake, by Lavona Richardson


Essay submitted by Lavona Flake Richardson for Centennial Publication
July 24, 1978


My memories of Snowflake are that of a quiet little town, with tree lined streets and irrigation ditches.  All the activities revolved around the church. During my growing up years of 1940’s and 1950’s there was just one ward and we were just one big happy family.  I remember my lament in high school that almost all the young people were my relatives.   We called all the older people Aunt and Uncle if they were related or not.

My love for music was nurtured by the emphasis that all the Snowflake schools and townspeople put on music.  Rufus Crandall and Miss Laverne as we affectionately called her, helped our beginning piano skills along with Annella Hall, who could always inspire us by her talents.  As early as 7th grade my memories include trips to Flagstaff to the Music Festival where Snowflake always came home with superior ratings.  Our band was also invited to participate at the Arizona State Fair and A.S.U. Homecoming parades.  Snowflake was known during these years throughout the State of Arizona for having good music programs.  We were always blessed with good music directors because of the support and encouragement given by the townspeople.  The cultural arts were important to Snowflake.  We put on some lovely musicals during my high school days.  School was dismissed for those in the production (the cast, chorus and orchestra) as we all trekked down to the Cultural Hall at the Church to practice.  During my growing up years in Snowflake the church, community, and school events were all intertwined together.

Another memory of my life in Snowflake was the interest the townspeople took in each one of us.  Mother had lots of help in raising her twins.  Leona and I were the only twins in Snowflake during our elementary and high school days and everyone had a different idea on whether we should dress alike or run around together.  Now as I look back I am grateful for the love and concern for our welfare shown by so many neighbors in Snowflake.  I am sure there was similar interest shown in each of the young people growing up there.

As a teenager Founder’s Day Celebrations held on or near July 24th each year was always looked forward to.  These events added a little excitement to the summer and brought in new people.  Members are of marching with the band in the parades, pioneer programs barbecues, rodeos, ball games and dances on the pavilion.  Otherwise the entertainment most usually consisted of Wednesday and Saturday night shows at the Show House where entrance was determined by payment to the Ward Budget.

There are also memories of picking cucumbers during the summer, watching the floods rise in our fields east of town, the annual wood dance held at Thanksgiving time to provide wood for the widows and baking pies for it.  Other memories are basketball games held in the old gym west of the old seminary building, dances in front of the gym, wiener roasts on the hill, burning cedar trees, picking green beans at the welfare garden, going to Kay’s Restaurant for a special treat, seeing lots of men and boys visiting in front of Ballard Brothers Garage, and wide streets, and friendly homes with gardens and barns at the back.

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