Monday, April 7, 2014

"Proud of You", by Minnie K. Stratton

Poem written by Minnie K. Stratton (Irene Flake's mother) to her grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren:

                          PROUD OF YOU

I love my grandchildren each and every one,
My great-grandchildren, too, for things they've done,
The great-great-grandchildren are precious to me,
I'm proud of a most wonderful posterity.

For so many kindnesses you have done each day
To help make easier and happier my way
For your cards, and letters, and flowers and love,
I'm grateful for you to our Father above.

I'm proud of the lives you are living, that show
Your desire to choose the right as you go.
I'm grateful for your love and for each family tie
That has brought happiness to me as each year
  has gone by.

I'm proud of the girls and the things they know,
For learning to teach and to cook and to sew,
You've made homes full of joy for your families
Which will bring great blessings to you every

I'm proud of the boys for their schooling and
For doing their duty without trying to shirk,
For the teachings you've had to help you live right,
To make for you and your families a future bright.

I'm proud of the missions that the boys and girls
  too have filled
Going to work wherever our Father in Heaven willed,
I'm grateful that each of you has done your part
To help take the gospel to the honest in heart.

My prayers are for you each and every day,
May you be blessed all along your way.
Please know as you count your blessings in store,
You could never have a grandmother who could
  love you more.
                                             --May 1965

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