Friday, June 22, 2012

A Tribute to My Mother

A Tribute to My Mother
by Miriam Richardson Beck

My dear mother had a birthday!  I wanted to take this chance to pay tribute to her.  My mother is my hero!  Her beloved companion of over 50 years (my daddy) passed away a little over a year ago.  They were such a team and Mom hasn't skipped a beat in carrying on and keeping that team strong.  She has such a passionate testimony of forever families and knows that she will be with my Dad again and works hard to keep our forever family strong so that we can all be together again.  Here are some attributes that I love about my mother: 

 I love to tell her any accomplishments of my children or grandchildren and she is so excited and interested about each one of them even though she has a huge posterity!
For years she's kept her journal and she works hard to keep us all connected by keeping up her blog and her "Richardson review" so we know all that's going on!
--great missionary!--
**** Mom will always look for ways to share her testimony of the gospel and loves sharing that testimony each week in the Conference Center! 
--passionate testimony!--
****  Mom will never let us down.  She's always been a rock and we all know that she will always be a rock in her rock-solid testimony of Jesus Christ and his gospel.
--making us feel special!--
****  Growing up my mom never missed my events, even though I was the oldest of a very large family.  I knew that she was always praying for me and with me for any big test or anything else coming up.  She has a huge posterity, but we all feel like we are #1 to her and very special to her.  She makes each of us individually feel valued and loved. 
**** My mother gave my dad the most wonderful gift.  When he was so sick, she sacrificed so that he would be able to stay home.  She gave him the greatest gift of all, herself.  We know that dad would've been very uncomfortable anywhere else and his stability in life was his dear companion.   When we need something, we always know that my mother will never hesitate to serve us and others. 
--brave/carrying on--
****Even though her dear companion is gone and she misses him each and everyday, she is brave and is carrying on.  She keeps busy and active and continues to love and serve everyday of her life! 
****My dear mother is such a wonderful example to me and has a huge capacity to get a lot done and to not miss hardly a thing!  She is very healthy and is able to go go go and it is truly hard to keep up with her.  I so admire that in her! 

My mother is my hero and I work everyday to be just like her!  Thank you for your tremendous example of love, service, and perseverance.  I hope that I can be half the person you are!  Know that you are loved and cherished and so respected and admired for all that you are and do.  I thank the Lord everyday that I was born from a wonderful mother and father who reared me to have a strong testimony and a strong conviction of forever families.  It guides me each and everyday.  That is the guiding principle in my life is to not be a weak link in the chain of the Jay Richardson family and the Tony Beck family. 

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