Saturday, June 2, 2012

Remember Who You Are


“Remember who you are, dear child,” a mother’s thought and prayer,
As off to school or evening out goes daughter, free of care.
“Remember who you are, my son, “ says dad and shakes his hand,
As off to war or mission field goes son to foreign land.
“Remember who you are,” we say, and this our constant plea—
Why is this important to remember who we be?
Who are you really, children, “John Doe,” with ID card?
Or resident of Happy Street, in house with pretty yard?
No, that’s not what we really mean, remembering who you are—
We’re thinking of some deeper truths, revealed from God afar!
You, my sons and daughters, are choice, of Ephraim’s seed,
Fulfillers of a promise to Abraham in his need.
A generation chosen to come when time was best,
To have, to share the gospel, all nations to be blest.
Furthermore, dear children, your special heritage
Began in worlds premortal, of divine parentage.
And you are in the image of those celestial kin—
Literal sons and daughters of Deity, children!
Remember who you are, for lo, the world is watching you,
Taking note and pondering the things you say and do.
You see, you’re representing not only you, “John Doe,”
But family, nation, church and God, are shown where’er you go.
Remember who you are, we say, a child of God each one,
Remember, oh remember, and live worthy, till life’s done.

                                                           -- Jay M. Richardson

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