Friday, June 15, 2012

Be Clean

              To my Sons, Grandsons, and Potential Sons-in-Law


The time has come in life’s short span for your old Dad to give
Advice to all his sons to help them live as they should live.

Now this I know that there’s advice on every hand each day—
You cannot follow all of it, but please, just hear me say:

If you’d succeed both here and in eternity’s big scene,
Give heed to this and learn it well— be clean, dear sons, be clean!

For cleanliness in person can help one feel his best,
His public and self-image enhanced by how he’s dressed.

And cleanliness in speech will show he’s cultured and refined,
For what comes out tells what’s inside his heart and in his mind.

His mind? Above all keep it clean—allow no rubbish there;
For what we think and dwell upon, that’s us—our character!

We cannot let bad movies, TV shows, magazines,
Vulgar stories, any trash invade a mind that’s clean.

Especially when it comes to girls—treat them respectfully,
Till one day one clean, virtuous maid you’ll wed eternally.

Dear sons, you are outstanding boys—choice spirits every one,
With great potential for a life that’s really just begun.

Oh, please keep your life so sweet, with conscience innocent, serene,
So God can say one day, “Dear son, come here, for you are clean."

                                             --Jay M. Richardson

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