Friday, October 5, 2012

Joseph Smith's Letter to Silas Smith

Silas Smith, Joseph Smith’s uncle then living in Stockholm, New York, knew of his nephew’s claims of visions and revelations. Joseph Smith wrote this letter to express his own belief in the biblical record and to persuade his uncle to consider God’s work of the “New Covenant.” He also invited him to come to Kirtland, Ohio.
 Silas’s son, Jesse Nathaniel Smith, included a copy of the letter in his autobiography.

Respected Uncle Silas
It is with feelings of deep interest for the well fare of mankind which fills my mind on the reflection that all  were formed by the hand of him who will call the same to give  an impartial account of all their works on that great day to  which you and myself in common with them are bound, that I  take up my pen and seat myself in an attitude to address a few though imperfect lines to you for your perusal.
I have no doubt but that you will agree with me that  men will be held accountable for the things which they have and  not for the things they have not or that all the light and intell igence communicated to them from their benifficen [beneficent] creator wh ether it is much or little by the same they in justice will be  judged, and that they are required to yield obedience and  improve upon that and that only which is given for man is  not to live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds

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