Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Give, Not Take

Give, Not Take
October 2012

To lift or lean, to give or take
What of our lives are we to make?
Is it to tackle or cheerlead?
What is it that our world doth need?
To make all others carry us
Or allow us to carry them, yes?

At the judgment day, God will call
Did you love me or take it all?
Did you bless another’s life?
Or did you just give others strife?

If we love God, we choose to give
Have neighbors to bless, poor to give
Children to protect, truth to defend,
Wrongs to make right, a hand to lend.

Total love to Him we present
Keeping every commandment
Giving to Him our thanks and our will
Devoted discipleship fills that bill

Make your mind now from the bottom of your soul
Lift not lean is what will make you whole.
We cannot make any mistake
When “we give more than what we take”.

--Vern Richardson, inspired by Jeffrey R. Hollands conference talk, October 2012

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