Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When A Great Man Passes On

When  A Great Man Passes On

When a great man passes on
There's grief, but ponderous thought
'Bout what the good Lord had in mind
To do the things He's wrought.

For here's a soul with talent
Who's done the world much good,
And how we need the likes of him
To accomplish what we should.

For wisdom from experience
And courage to do right
(Those traits he's displayed all these years.
To counter Satan's might)

Seem to be in short supply--
We'll wonder ever more
Why God took him, unless it is
He's needed there even more.

God could have healed him, kept him here,
To comfort, bless his wife,
But time was right to precede her
Toward eternal life.

--Jay M Richardson

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