Monday, September 22, 2014

Grandma Richardson -- Did you know?

Grandmother Lavona Flake Richardson
                                               (Courtesy of Connie Richardson and family)

·         Has served 3 missions: 1 as a young sister, 2 with her husband (Indonesia & Nauvoo) and currently serving a 4thmission as a tour guide at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.
·         Served a 2 year mission in Mexico from 1955-57
      There was no MTC when she went on her mission, so she went straight to her mission in Mexico and learned day by day with a companion who didn’t speak any English.
·         Just a few months into her mission, Spencer W. Kimball and Harold B. Lee came to visit the mission.
·         She and her companion told people that “a man with the same authority as Peter, James and John was coming to speak to us so we had the building filled with our investigators.”
·         She was called out of the audience to bear her testimony in Spanish.
·         The next day she spent most of the day with Spencer W. Kimball and translated as he interviewed the Spanish missionaries. 

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