Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Richardson family song (sung to tune of 10 little indians): Jay Richardson wrote in 1993

Once upon a time, in Arizona,
  at a dance hall they called Mezona,
  cupid went to work on Jay and Lavona.
  Soon they formed a family.

One by one came a great posterity,
  Eleven children to this family
  Taught each one faith, hope, and charity,
  In a royal generation.

First came the Becks, Miriam and Tony.
  Parents of Kasey, Skyler, Carrie
  Dallas, Colby, and finally Jamie
  All in a royal generation.

Marlene and Mark have a family named Ellingsons--
  Melanie, Bonnie, Jordan, and Dallin,
  Carl, and Gary, Rebekah, and Jaron,
  And Emily in a royal generation.

The Mortensens are Fred and Rauna,
  Adrianne, Erin, Carinne, and Parker,
  Nathan, Chelsea, and one in the hangar,
  Welcomed to a royal generation.

Joann and Robert form a family Hancock,
  Camille and Travis, Braden and Derek
  A new one soon, makes them all ecstatic--
  We love them in a royal generation.

Vernon and Connie are the Richardsons.
  Started with a daughter, named her Alison
  Melissa and Hyrum, we love each one of them.
  Added to our royal generation.

Now Ray, dear Ray, is always cheery,
  Always a dedicated missionary,
  Seeks a Ph.D. at the University--
  A star in our royal generation.

Now Kenneth's married to a lovely lady
  And Jenni's expecting a little baby.
  Soon he'll be through at the University.
  We love them in our royal generation.

Margie's studying recreation
  Something we need throughout our nation.
  When she graduates there'll be a celebration
  By the whole royal generation.

Now Melvin's in Russia as a missionary
  Braving the cold and the forces contrary.
  When he comes home we'll be so merry.
  Welcomed by this royal generation.

Dean, dear Dean, is our gentle giant.
  In marching band he's been compliant.
  As a missionary he'll be reliant.
  Supported by a royal generation.

Last, but not least, is our princess Amy.
  Outstanding athlete of our family.
  We love her in this great posterity.
  All of the royal generation.

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