Saturday, February 8, 2014

Morten P Mortensen Missionary Experience

Missionary Experience

The Sandinavian Mission was opened in the spring of 1850. In the first few years after the mission was opened many people did not accept the gospel. Many of its first Elders were often mobbed, beaten and any who joined the church were shunned and ridiculed. Morten himself was never beaten or mobbed, but one brother, Jens Jensen, whom he labored with was. Jens Jensen was taken by a mob into a nearby forest and beaten so severely he was left for dead. His bones were broken in many places. Elder Jensen said, "An angel came and blessed him, and he felt the bones take their normal place while he was being blessed. He was healed immediately and went on about his work." He was still left with many scars from the incident which showed how badly the bones had been broken. Emma Mortensen visited him in his home years later in Colonia Pacheco in 1890, when he told her of the incident and showed her the scars on his legs. She said they looked as if they had been broken into inch-long pieces by the many lumps and scars from the knees to the ankles. 
*The story was taken from "The Morten P. Mortensen Family" by Viva Cluff Whetten and Lillian Jones Richins, page 52.

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