Monday, January 27, 2014

Thatcher, Virden, and Franklin family graves, by Lavona Richardson

Sunday morning, January 19th seven of us (Miriam, Rauna, Joann, Ray, Kenneth, Melvin and I) piled into Rauna's minivan for our "pilgrimage trip" to Virden.
                                                   We enjoyed a good visit as we traveled.
We stopped for as minute at the Gila Valley Temple so that we could take pictures.  I am  happy that  Jay got to go with me to the open house of this beautiful temple.                                    
                   We went to the Thatcher Cemetery to visit the grave of  Jay's grandfather..         

                                                         Charles Edmund Richardson
                                                                He is their great grandfather.
               We drove on to Duncan where we attended the Virden Ward Sacrament Meeting.
                                          We then drove up to the Virden Cemetery.
                                 My eternal companion and two of my sons are buried here.
              I am happy that I had with me six of our children to visit their Dad's grave site.
                                                          This is where I will be buried.
                                      Our children are listed on the back of the monument.
                                           Donald and Dale's graves are in the family plot.
                                   We brought flowers and hearts to put on the graves.
                       Kenneth puts new white rocks on the hearts that are on the graves.
                                                                  Kenneth   took this picture.
                         And  Joann took this picture so that we could all be in a picture.
Kenneth brought a brick that he had cut in half so that we could fix the dimensions of our family plot
                                       We had to move the white rock to move the bricks..
                                              Kenneth did a great job lining up the bricks.

                       After the bricks were laid we added fresh white rock around the edges.

                                                     It looked really nice when we finished.

                                          I enjoy returning to our family plot in Virden.

                         Kenneth did a great job supervising the bricks around our family plot.
It was wonderful to be with six of my children as we express our love for their Dad and little brothers.
After finishing our project at our family plot we ate lunch.
                                                                        I brought sandwiches.
                        I like this cemetery out in the country where i t is quiet and peaceful.

                                           One last look at our family plot before leaving it.
                                 I wish we lived closer so  that I could visit more often.

                                        This is the sign on the road going into the cemetery.
                                                 There are lots of good people buried there.
 We drove by the church where Jay attended all the time he lived in Virden.  Lots of other important things have happened here.
                                                                It is always good to return home.
         This is the school where Jay attended.  Now the children go into Duncan to school.
                                   This was the lunch room when Jay attended school here.

                                                       We drove by Jay's parents home.
                                   I have lots of special memories of visiting them here.
                                                   Jay loved to go on outings up here.

                                          We took several good pictures of Steeple Rock.

                                            We drove over to the Franklin Cemetery.
                                         Jay's parents and little brother are buried here.
                                           We pulled the weeds and cleaned up the grave site.


                                                We brought hearts to put on their graves.

                            My children are blessed to have wonderful grandparents.
                                        Jay 's brother was only fifteen months old when he died.

 We stopped again in Thatcher to see the childhood home of President Spencer W. Kimball.
                                                     This is the plaque in front of the home.

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