Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Flake family heritage

 We went to the Snowflake Cemetery where so many family members are buried.  This is the marker for my parents.
                        My name is listed at the back of the monument as one of the children.
                          My little brother Layne Kent died when he was just ten days old.

                                                 I was blessed to have great parents.
                                    My children were blessed to have wonderful grandparents. 
                                    My grandparents on my father's side are buried here.
 Also at the Snowflake Cemetery my grandparents on my mother's side are buried.
              My children remember visiting Grandma Stratton every Sunday.

                                      We were able to visit the graves of many of our ancestors.
                        My great grandfather settled Snowflake.  Snowflake is named for him.

We have a great Pioneer heritage.
                                         My daughter's remember their Grandma Stratton.
                                    Ray hurt his ankle so he walked around on crutches.
 Another great grandfather Jesse N. Smith was the first Stake President in Snowflake.
                                                    His family is buried around him.
 We were able to visit the graves of many of our ancestors buried in the Snowflake Cemetery.
                                                           They left us all a great heritage.
It is up to us to continue to keep the chain strong.  This was a great trip with my children to remember our roots

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