Friday, June 28, 2013

Hancock Tributes to Grandma Richardson

Mom Richardson,
        You are simply amazing!  Ever since I first met you when I became interested in marrying Joann I have been impressed with the love and attention you provided to each of your children, their spouses.  It has been fun to watch you and dad through the years as more spouses and grand children came into the family.  Somehow you never forget their birthdays and you have been to the blessings and baptisms and a million other special events.  There is no question that you love each and every person.  I feel so blessed to have been able to marry Joann and that she has been so strongly influenced by you throughout her life.  I see many of your character traits in her.  I am so thankful for your example of righteous living and your rock solid testimony of the gospel.  I know that you love the Lord and that you would do anything to help each family member to return to our Heavenly Father.  Thank you for being so wonderful.

            One of my mother’s favorite qualities is her faithfulness!  My mom is valiant in the gospel and has a strong testimony of the truthfulness of the church.  I have never doubted my mother’s strength in the gospel.  She has always been rock solid and a great strength and example to me through the years.  She is a lifelong missionary, and a great scriptorian!  My mom loves everything about the gospel!!—from church history and pioneers, to Old Testament stories, geneaology, missionary work, temple attendance, food storage, etc.  What a great example my mom has been to me and to her great posterity throughout her life!
            My mom loves her family!  Her spouse, her children and her grandchildren mean everything to her!  She has spent her life supporting, cheering on and loving her large extended family!  It has been amazing to see how mom can make each child or grandchild feel important.  This is a quality I have tried to emulate!  Mom’s great picture taking hobby has been an avenue to show her support through the years!
            My mom loves a party!  She got that from her mother and has spread this love to me and my children.  We love to have a good time—whether it’s having a pool party, going on a trip, helping with a reception, visiting with good friends, etc. My mom loves to be where the action is!
            My mom is compassionate!  It was a very hard task to care for Dad at home for his last few years, but my mom was willing to sacrifice and accomplish this very hard thing because it was the best thing for Dad.  We all learned about love and sacrifice through this great example!
            My mom is fun to visit with!  I love calling mom on the phone and telling her about my triumphs, concerns, events and feelings.  She always has a listening ear!  I will always cherish the road trip Mom and I took this past year to Branson for a family reunion with her siblings.  I loved being Mom’s companions and roommate!   Mom and I always have a great time together!
            My mom is a great friend and support to ME!  My Ohio friends all know and love my mom because of her frequent visits!  She has made so many trips to Ohio, which has been such a blessing to me since I live so far away from my family! She has made many, many, many trips to Ohio to support me and my family!  I will always be grateful for this!         
            My mother raise me to want to be a good mother !  She taught me what a good mother should be and how to be a good mother!
            I will forever be grateful for my wonderful mother!!  I love her dearly!
            Love, Joann

I don't think anyone else in the world outside our Richardson family can claim that their Grandma was more supportive than ours.  It is incredible the recount all the major events and activities in my life and find Grandma present at every single one of them.  Thank you for your unconditional love and for showing me what being there for someone really means.  I so admire your undying passion to stay the course and lead a righteous life through example.  Cheers to Grandma! 
Love, Camille

Grandma Richardson is everywhere! I love it! I've always felt so supported by her. One time I was dancing in a parade down the streets of Provo. Out of no where I saw grandma on the side clapping and cheering for me! I didn't even know that she was in the state, but then all of a sudden there she was. I was very moved. I believe that much of the energy I have for life, the intensity with which I've attacked school and other experiences, and the desire to preserve memories has come from Grandma Richardson. In essence, Grandma IS a major piece of who I am. I'll always be grateful for her great example and fervor for life!
 Love, Travis

How can I even begin to describe Grandma Lavona Richardson? I have never known anyone else like her. Of all those whom I do know, Grandma Lavona is perhaps the one whose life is most grounded in the Gospel. Seemingly everything she does and strives for is a reflection of her number one priority being a life in complete harmony with the Gospel. To her large and loving posterity, she has been an stirring example at every age. I have seen her be a caring mother to her children. I have personally experienced her individual interest in each one of her dozens of grandchildren. As a missionary four times over now, she is a continual inspiration to all of us to never cease living a consecrated life. In temperament, she is a gentlewoman--amicable and courteous to all. If she ever had a selfish bone in her body, it has long since been replaced. She brings the Spirit with her wherever she goes, and it is a blessing to all who interact with her. I will be literally eternally grateful for the magnificent heritage and example that I have gained from Grandma Lavona, whom I love and respect wholeheartedly and forever.
Love, Braden

I sure love my Grandma! She is always so concerned about what is going on in my life, even though Im just one of many grandchildren. I love her energy and desire to keep busy and be a  part of the lives of everyone in her prosperity. Whether she is watching my cross country race or band concert, or sending me a letter on my mission, it´s easy to feel her love and example in my life. Thank you, Grandma Richardson!
 Love, Elder Derek Hancock

My dearest grandma, it means so much
When you fly to Ohio for my shows and such
Although we roll our eyes at constant picture taking
I now realize it’s simply mem’ries you are making.

Joy filled my visit to Arizona with you
Although you thought I was missing after I flew
Your love shown through when you called my name
And when a smile crossed your face as I came.

I love Grandpa and I miss him dearly
But his presence is still felt in your house so clearly.
He smiles on his family from up above
And loves us all with a gentle love.

There’s no one with whom I would rather share a name—
I want to carry on its glorious fame
And continue its tradition of service and love
To those on earth and those above.

I love you, dear grandma for everything you do
And for not being afraid of being you!

With love,
                Janae Lavona Hancock

Evan's Tribute to Grandma Richardson
Grandma, Grandma dear,
Happy things come whenever you are near,
Your bright smiling face brings joy,
To all those who care to enjoy.

Grandma, Grandma, dear,
Happy things come whenever you are near,
Your happy personality brightens our day,
As you teach us what to do and say.

Grandma, Grandma, dear,
Happy things come whenever you are near,
Your wisdom is beyond your years,
And you always lend a friendly ear.

Grandma, Grandma, dear,
Happy things come whenever you are near.

Grandma, Grandma, dear
We just want you to know,
We love you so.  

Grandma has always been a big role model in my life. I always loved how she was never afraid to speak what is on her mind and how she is always so kind. She also always tries to get the most out of every moment and always looks happy. I feel I have been able to get to know her very well as one of her grandchildren because of many reunions and several visits. Even though the distance is great between the two of us she was never too hesitant to come visit our family. She has taught me a lot in my life and she had done several great things for herself and others. Love, Levi

My Grandma is one of the greatest women in the world. I can't believe I'm lucky enough to be her grandson. Grandma always has her camera ready to take pictures of everything.  This makes her very unique and the best women in the world.  
Love, Spencer

Grandma, you are the best grandma a kid could ever have.   You are so much fun when we play games with you.   It's so much fun to have you here when you come to our house. You are also really good at quilting. Grandma, you are the best. 
 Love, Preston

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