Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beck Tributes to Grandma Richardson

From Colby and KelsiGrandma Richardson is one impressive lady. I sit in awe thinking about the energy she has after all these years, especially considering raising so many kids and being so dedicated to their lives and their children's lives. She exemplifies a loving mother who cares so much about her family to the core.  
I am honored to be part of such a rich heritage, and I am very thankful for Grandma Richardson's commitment to the gospel and her desire to bring her whole family to Christ. It is inspiring to see her travel back and forth from Arizona to Utah to fulfill her duty to Heavenly Father. We love you Grandma! 

From Jamie and Garrick:   
Grandma is an incredible woman, she impresses all that she comes in contact with. Between her early bird hours, travelling the world to visit family and friends, and actively fulfilling church callings that require her time and energy. She can always be found with lots of energy and concern for those she loves. I've loved the example Grandma has set of putting the gospel and her family as the only important thing. Thanks Grandma for all that you do for me and my family. I love you and I'm so happy that you're so actively involved in our lives.  

From Kasey and Emily: Of all my grandparents, I got the most genes from Grandma Richardson. It's funny to me how you really can see Grandma in every one her kids and grand kids. Grandma's got some good genes! 
Grandma is a very good example to me of putting family and the Church first and letting everything else figure itself out. I can't believe how good of a job she's done in raising her kids and influencing her kids and grand kids to put those two priorities, family and the Church, first in their lives, as well. Even though this is an attempt at paying tribute to Grandma, the real tribute is the devotion of her posterity to the Savior and each other. Love ya, Grandma! 

From Dallas: Grandma is one of the most impressive people that I know. She's extremely energetic for the things that are important to her. The best time I had with Grandma was when Travis and I got to go visit her in Mesa for Thanksgiving. She had a very carefree attitude about her that was fun to be around.  
What impresses me the most about Grandma is that all her energy is motivated by spending more time with her family and serving in the Church. You have to step back and see how wonderful this family is, and once you do, you realize that came from two loving parents. Grandma and Grandpa have created something remarkable and should feel honored by the lives their posterity is leading. 

From Carrie and Bret: Grandma's love and devotion to her family is an inspiring example to me.  I am amazed that with the number of grandchildren that she has, she has never missed a birthday or major event of mine.  She is a strong woman who has created an amazing heritage for me to follow. I truly hope that I will have the same energy as I strive to raise a strong family like she has done.  

From Skyler and Rebekah: Grandma is a very special person and is a lot of things to a lot of people. Grandma is a very positive, energetic person and that is contagious. She’s fun to be around, enjoys playing games, and loves learning. The thing that impresses me the most about Grandma is how important family is to her. Every single child, grandchild, and great-grandchild has to feel loved because Grandma makes such a special effort to establish a relationship with everyone. She goes above and beyond to travel and be there for major events. We are very lucky that she is able to do that. Grandma has always been a great role model and her strong testimony is something that brings us strength. 
One funny story about Grandma is when we were flying to San Francisco and had a layover in Phoenix. We were walking to our gate and randomly saw Grandma taking pictures of the airplanes parked in the lot. It was a pretty funny sight! But we spent an hour or so just talking with Grandma and she took lots of pictures of our kids as they were playing. Grandma loves her camera and I think the pictures she takes represent all that she loves about life; family, nature, important buildings, and yes, even airplanes. She is a funny lady and we love her! 

From Miriam:  My mom is such a wonderful lady.  She was the perfect mother for me.  She was and is always my cheerleader and always pushing me to be better.  She made each one of us feel so special even though we were in a very large family.  She made time to support us and pray with us and attend our special events.  She made sure we were all the best we could be.  She continues to show us how our priorities should be:  gospel, Heavenly Father, then family.  I so admire her for her passion to learn the gospel and live it and then to share it.  I love how family is so important and she has dedicated her life to attending her children, grandchildren, and now great grandchildren’s special events.  Because of her hard work and dedication and passion for gospel and her family, she has a very successful family.  Each child and grandchild and great-grandchild loves the gospel and is working hard to live it.  Thank you for this legacy of teaching us the most important things in life.  Because of you and Dad, you will have a large posterity strong in the gospel and a forever family.   

From Tony: Not sure how you go about describing mom 
Energetic, like the energizer bunny, keeps moving a mile a minute even when the years keep passing by 
Doer - has so many things going on, hard to keep track of where she is or what event she is at but does so much in a given day that dazzles the mind.  She still keeps us as the rest of us keep aging. 
One more - One more picture, can't think of a person who loves taking more pictures of her family, Heavenly Father's creation, or an important event simply to create a long lasting memory. 
Steadfast - There is no doubt in any of her posterity her position about the Gospel, she lives and teaches it day by day. 
Server - Once again through example, she continues to serve in any way she can - the church, her family, and anyone else is in need of help. 
These are only a few things that describe mom - her character, her belief, and who she is.  We have all benefited from her example.  May the light keep ticking brightly within her and we thank her for standing strong in the faith and example to all of what truly matters most. 
 Love Tony 

From Kayla: I've always looked up to you Grandma, and how dedicated you are to your family and I love how you are always here for the special events in our lives. Thank you for always supporting me my whole life and showing me how important family and the gospel is in your life. You are a tremendous example to me and I'm grateful for all the times you've sacrificed to come out and visit me. You are a wonderful person and I'm proud to call you my Grandma. 

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