Saturday, February 16, 2013

Parable of the Bicycle

                  THE PARABLE OF THE BICYCLE
    (From a story in Stephen Robinson’s book “Believing Christ”)

Big tears welled up in Sarah’s eyes, in that big department store,
She stood beside a bicycle, like one she’d wanted a year or more!
“Dad,” she said, “You told me, if I saved all my pennies, that I
Someday would have enough money a bicycle to buy!”

“But this one’s a hundred dollars! I’ll never make it, Dad.”
And Dad remembered his promise, as he saw sweet Sarah, so sad.
He said, “Sarah, give me all you have, then a hug and a kiss, and we’ll see
What we can do about a bike.” Sarah obeyed him, quickly!

Yes, she gave Dad her sixty-one cents, and a great big hug and a kiss;
And Dad drove home slowly, trailing a bike and happy young miss.

Now there are people like Sarah, in despair, who say,
“Lord, I’ll never make it—it’s more than I can pay.
I never do all I’m supposed to—the requirements are too tough!
I’m not celestial material—I’m just not perfect enough!”

But Jesus say, “Dear child, come here, and lay your burdens on me—
I paid the price for all your sins, back in Gethsemane.
Now you just give me what you can--have faith, repent, and endure,
Show love to God and your neighbors—your election can be made sure.

“Though what you give isn’t nearly enough, still your ‘sixty-one cents,’ indeed,
Together with my merits make you worthy to proceed.”
So, friends, if eternal life’s what you really want, and you’re saving your pennies for,
Through His atonement, you can “pedal your bike” back home with Him for sure.

           --Jay M. Richardson

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