Saturday, February 23, 2013

Burning Desire ("The Cookie Monster Poem")

                                  “BURNING DESIRE”

Our friend, the Cookie Monster, one day went to the fair–
Thought he’d like to take some rides, and do some fun things there.

A barker, calling loud and clear, said  “Test your strength, and tell
If you can wield this hammer well enough to ring the bell.

“The man who’s strong enough will win a prize, and get a thrill–
So pay your money, get in line, and show your strength and skill.”

Old Cookie Monster flexed his arm, said, “This will be breeze!
I’ll ring the bell and win the prize–just watch me, if you please!”

He stepped up, took the hammer, and struck a mighty blow–
But not enough to ring the bell!  He turned  around to go.

“What was the prize?” he queried, saddened that he’d failed.
“Oh, it was just a cookie,” the attendant said and smiled.

“A cookie?”  You could see old Cookie Monster set on fire!
For, cookies more than anything are his burning desire!!!

He grabbed again the hammer, and with gross, unearthly power,
Shattered the air with such a blow, the bell rang (like for an hour?)

Well, you know this already, what happened with the prize–
Old Cookie Monster had it downed in a wink, as you’d surmise.

Now, if you’d be successful, a coveted prize to win,
You’ve got to set a goal, then form that great desire within.

For that enthusiasm will carry far beyond
The ordinary thought or wish–it’ll be a magic wand,

And bring within your reach a prize you thought you’d ne’er acquire–
Just as with Cookie Monster, desire can light your  fire!!

                                                             – Jay M. Richardson

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