Thursday, January 24, 2013

poem for Dean and Jennifer

by Vernon Richardson and Melvin Richardson
January 19, 2012

Let me tell the sweetest story you'll hear,
About a love that will surely endure.
It's the tale of romance between two friends
Whose love to eternity now extends.

Now Dean was a fun but hard-working man,
Providing for his girls the best he can.
He decided to try and go online
To find a lady for whom he could pine.

He found the profile of a lovely girl,
Jennifer's her name and, Wow! What a Pearl!
Dean found someone beautiful, patient, kind.
The type of girl who is really a find.

They started to date, found each other fun
Each thought they might have found the one.
They loved their big adventures together,
Exploring new things, whate'er the weather.

Now Dean needed to go home for a spell,
To care for his Dad, who was not feeling well.
With Dean gone, Jennifer wanted to know
More about Dean's Mormon faith and so,

She met with the missionaries to learn
What it was in Dean’s church that made him yearn
For a true relationship that would last
Far beyond the date that this life has passed.

She soon developed her own testimony
And this relationship grew in harmony.
Jennifer loving on Devyn and Brielle,
And they, in turn, adored her just as well.

As the love between them continued to bask,
Dean received her dad’s blessing to ask.
So, he popped the question in the kitchen.
She said “Yes”! Making true love no fiction.

A wedding with colors of green and red
With Santa and Mrs Claus from their sled.
The Christmas wedding was just perfect
In the Thornewood castle all nicely decked.

And now Dean has taken his lovely bride
To the temple where the Spirit resides.
They've made sacred vows to God on high
That to their covenants they will comply.

We’re so excited this union is now sealed
In the holy temple, your love’s not concealed.
We’re so happy that you’ve found your true love
And now, it’s also blessed by God above.

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