Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Highlights of 2012: Lavona Richardson

January 2012
1 Mark released as Bishop
2 Bought new book shelf for living room
3 Temple every week, Spiritual Care Volunteer at Temple on Tuesdays
4-6 Vernon and boys visit
9 Calling to have home evening for seniors over 50
11 Began service as Conference Center Missionary- Travel to SLC every Wednesday to serve with great missionary experiences each week.
15 Annie Jo Anderson born to Bret and Carrie Anderson
16-20 Visit Margie, Russ and family in Del Rio, Texas
25 Jaron called to the North Carolina Durham Mission
Derek called to the Brazil Curtiba Mission
26 National Academic League Competition with Kyle
28 Birthday party for Ed and Carol Provence
29 Dale in “Are the Meadow Larks Still Singing” at Hale Theater
February 2012
2 Rebekah received her mission call to go to the Guatemala City South Mission
3 Went with Ray to watch Dale perform in “King and I”
8 Tour to Joyce Eaton from San Diego at Conference Center-interested in learning more.
9 Rebekah temple endowment
10 Sweet Tomatoes with Ellingsons
11-12 Mesa West Stake Conference
14 Arizona’s 100th Birthday
15 Koen Bryce Frehner born to Erin and Dantley Frehner
16-20 San Diego with Beck’s
19 Blessing of McKay Beck
26 Hale Theater with HE group to see “Are the Meadowlarks Still Singing”
27 Luncheon with Indonesian Senior Missionaries
28 Emily in “Beauty and the Beast” at Mesa High School
March 2012
1 Lunch with Cindy Greeley at House of Tricks
4 Gave opening prayer in Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School
6 Choir Concert at Mesa High, Orchestra Concert at Taylor Jr. High
8 Lunch with Lauren at her elementary school
9 I helped Marlene and Rauna tie a quilt in my home
10 Indonesian Birthday Dinner for San San
11 Invited Rauna, Fred and family for Rauna’s Birthday dinner
12 Russ is promoted to Major
15 Amy went to California beach house with Michelle
16 Granddaughters Sleep over at Grandma’s home
17 Jamie performs with LIGHT
19 Home evening with Ray and Amy
22 City Creek opens across from Temple Square in SLC
23 Betsy’s Spring Irish Folk Dance Recital
24 Dale performs in Seussical
28 Derek endowment in Provo Temple
29 Mexican Reunion –went with Rod and Geneva Showalter
April 2012
2 Family Easter Picnic at Park
3 Colby arrives home from his mission in Bulgaria
8 Easter-Taught Primary
9 I met Jeannette’s parents
12 Fly to Council Bluffs-Kayla’s soccer game
13 Kansas City Temple Open House with Becks
14 Kayla’s Solo and Ensemble Festival
15 Heard Colby report mission
16 Cement poured for patio
17 Helped with Saga Book Club luncheon
18 Took Rebekah to SLC with me-Gave Conference Center tour to Rebekah, Derek, Travis and Braden- Temple session with grandchildren at SLC Temple
19 Carl’s BYU Graduation- Amy moves back to her home in Chandler
21 Grandchildren in Mesa 4 Stake Dance Festival
22 Jamie’s LIGHT Fireside
24 Carinne home from mission in Argentina, Hospital Volunteer Appreciation dinner
26` McKae Barbara born to Jordan and Kaitlin Ellingson
27 Flew to Ohio for Hancock musical “Into the Looking Glass”
28 Parley Dean born to Camille and Jason Millar
29 Robert released as Bishop, called as counselor in Dayton East Stake Presidency
30 Spent time playing games and looking at scrapbooks at Hancock’s

May 2012
3 Invited Jaron and Rebekah and family for missionary sundae’s after family sealing session.
5-16 Sydney, Australia with Vernon, Alison, Robert, Daniel and Rebekah
15 Visited Fiji with Vernon
16-19 Showed Dianna Smith around Temple Square and BYU
22 Tyler’s Baseball game
23 Conference Center had four tours that were all not member of the Church from China, Switzerland, British Columbia and Puerto Rico.
25 Kenneth arrives and goes with us to watch Dale perform at Hale Theater-“To Kill a Mockingbird”
26 Kenneth organizes and supervises Amy, Ray and me for trip to Virden to put border and bench on our family plot at Cemetery.
27 Snowflake with Rolf and Jean. All my brothers and sisters except Nena were there.
28 Family time spent at parent’s graves in Snowflake Cemetery
29 Bought new camera- Mitt Romney nominated from Republican Party to run for President of the United States -Mar Jean Lunt funeral
30 One year since I lost my eternal companion. I miss him so much.
June 2012
1 Bought umbrella for back patio
2 Jeannette Olsen spent month of June with me to spend time with Ray. We had some good times together
3 They spotlighted me on Relief Society Newsletter
4 Amy starts working as Meeting Planner for Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association.
5 Received new driver’s license good for five years
7 Carinne stayed with me while Rauna and Fred flew to Florida
8 Carinne to Gateway Airport to fly to Las Vegas to visit Erin
10 Ray and Jeannette had party at Ray’s house
11 Kaitlyn called excited to do temple baptisms
12 My 77th birthday party at Melvin and Tami’s- Gave me SAS shoes for birthday
12 Ed Provence funeral
13 Kaitlyn and Ashley play with Pizzicato Strings at Rest Home in Ogden
14 Watched Travis perform in Wizard of Oz in Orem
15 Melvin ran Rag nor Race
16 Ron Bowles funeral
17 Rebekah’s missionary farewell
19 Rebekah set apart for her mission (love, obedience, work)
20 Went with Kaitlyn to Bountiful Temple to watch her and her Dad do baptisms for the dead.
21, Ray brings roses for Jeannette, Tied quilt for Jeannette’s brother
22 Ray and Jeannette backpacking
23 Funeral for Kenneth Whyte
24 Derek’s missionary farewell-talked to him on phone
26 Made cookies and rice krispy treats to take to Conference Center
27 Gave spiritual thought on Joseph Smith at Conference Center on anniversary of his martyrdom.
28 Erin and Children visit
29 Kenneth and Jenni and family and Melvin and Tami and family return from week at Aspen Grove.
30 Amy’s branch from tree fell on neighbor’s home after big storm.
July 2012
2 Completed 3820 names at family search
5-16 Church History Trip with Mark and Marlene and family
6 Air Force Museum Tour
7 Family Hike, Wright Brothers Museum
8 Home Evening and Talent Program with 11 grandchildren. Hyrum spending summer working at WPAF
9 Johnson’s Farm, Kirtland
10 Kirtland
11 Niagara Falls, Palmyra
12 Hill Cumorah Pageant
13 Harmony Pennsylvania
14 King’s Island
15 Blessing of McKae Barbara Ellingson—Ray and Jeannette announced engagement
16 Cleveland- flew home from Columbus with Ellingson's
24 Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Concert
26 Went with Melvin and Tami to Brigham City to have dinner with Jeannette’s family
27 Olympics Opening Ceremony
28 Lauren’s baptism- birthday party at Lion House
30 Dallin and Laura leave for Des Moines to begin Podiatry School
31 Hancock’s in Music Man at Beavercreek, Ohio
August 2012
1 Watched Evan and Janae practice with Beavercreek High School Band
2 Come Home To Kanesville Pageant in Council Bluffs, Iowa
5 Game Night with Mortensen's
8 First day of school for Mesa Grandchildren
10 Grandma’s Back to School Overnight with my grandchildren
12 Olympics Closing Ceremony
14 Jeannette picked me up at Temple Square to go to Provo-Went to City of Joseph production at BYU
15-21 Flew to Paris to meet Melvin, Tami, Kaitlyn and Ashley to tour Paris, France
24 Grandchildren came to my home for swimming party
25 Attended Rey and Margaret’s Golden Wedding in Snowflake
26 Mesa West Stake and Chandler Alma Stake Combined to make new Stake named Mesa Alma Stake
29 Great Conference Center Tour with family from Malaysia.
30 Mitt Romney accepts nomination for Republican Candidate for US President
31 Dean and Jennifer have clearance for temple sealing
September 2012
1 Cleaned church building-Helped Erin and Dantley move to new home near Higley and Brown in Mesa
3 Published new grades and activities of my grandchildren
5 Conference Center Prayer Meeting moved to Media Room
9 Gave prayer in Relief Society and Sunday School-
10 Ray and Amy to dinner
11 Visited Jorth and Peggy
15 Took care of Melvin and Tami’s children so Tami could watch Melvin run “Top of Utah” Marathon
16 Katie Crowder talked about me in her Keating Ward Sacrament Meeting Talk
19 Flew to Ohio, attended Levi’s Soccer game
20 Beaver Creek Homecoming Parade
23 Miriam visits me in Arizona
24-26 Tony comes to Arizona for Papa Murphy’s Convention
25 Miriam returns home
26 Tony spends night with me after attending Papa Murphy Convention
28 Kyle basketball tournament at Freemont
29 Kyson Stradling’s baptism
October 2012
2 Nathan arrives home from Mission in Chile
5 Nauvoo Mission Reunion-Pres. & Sister Wirthin speakers
6 Mission age lowered to 18 for boys and 19 for girls, Temple announced –Tucson
7 World Wide Conference
9 Jared and Marcus perform at BYU Band Invitational, Hyrum in BYU Band
10 Chelsea performs in Romeo and Juliet at Chandler Gilbert Community College
12-13 Melvin attends for Tempe High Class Reunion
14 Taught Gospel Doctrine lesson in Keating Ward
16 Mesa High orchestra concert
18 Mesa High choir concert
20 Rolf gives poetry at Fred and Rauna’s Grove Block Party
22 Presidential Debate between Romney and Obamas
25 Kaitlyn’s orchestra concert
26 Mexican program at Conference Center
28 Nathan’s homecoming talk in their ward
30 Dinner and Mexican Halloween Party with Esthela Monjaras and family
31 Took treats to Conference Center, gave prayer in prayer meeting
November 2012
2 Family temple sealing session

3` Oklahoma production at Mesa High with four grandchildren
5 Family fall party at my home
7 Church News reporter interviewed me
9 Flew to Dayton to ride with Joann to Branson
10-16 Bruce Flake Reunion in Branson with all my brothers and sisters
17-18 Dayton East Stake Conference-Robert’s first in Stake Presidency, He spoke
Elder Russell Nelson of Quorum of Twelve visitor
19 Attended rehearsal of “On Christmas Day in the Morning” –5 Hancock grandchildren
22 Thanksgiving dinner at Melvin and Tami’s with Kenneth and Jenni and family, Dallas and Parker
23 Made rolls, dressing, etc. for Thanksgiving dinner with Amy, Helen, Michelle and Vanessa
24 Ryan Ellingson’s baptism
25 Visited Ellingson’s
27 Ray stopped seeing Jeannette
29 Jamie drama production at Mesa High “Center Stage”
30 Barbeque at Sam and Leona’s for Eric Flake visiting from Germany
December 2012
1 Tony opened 10th Papa Murphy’s Store, Dale Christmas Carol
2 First Presidency Christmas Devotional
3 Jamie and Quinn perform with choir at Mesa Temple Gardens
4 Mesa High Choir Concert, Called to be Mesa Alma Stake Historian
5 Missionary Devotional and Lunch at Conference Center
Pizzicato Strings perform at Senior Center
6 Directed discussion of book Winter Wheat at Keating Book Club
7 Kenneth and Jenni’s ward party “Christmas in Nauvoo”
8 Andy’s Baptism, Gave talk on Gift of Holy Ghost,
Rode Frontrunner from Provo to SLC and return
9 Jamie sings with quartet and Emily and Quinn sing duet at Mesa High Vespers
11 Gave book review at Saga Book Club on “Seven Miracles that Saved America” Told my favorite Christmas Story, “The Little Shepherd”
12 Conference Center Christmas party after our shift
13 Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Orchestra Christmas Concert –Conference Center
14 Omaha Durham Museum, Mormon Trail Center with Dianna Smith
15 Broadway Production of Beauty and the Beast in Omaha with Miriam
16 Kayla violin solo in Kanesville Ward Sacrament Meeting
17 Family Christmas Dinner and Home Evening in my home
19 Jay Richards Rochadi baptized in Bandung, Indonesia
20 Visited Peggy in Hospital, had stroke, Dinner for Hospital Volunteer
BYU Poinsettia Bowl
22 Wedding Anniversary, went with Amy to Virden to decorate graves
23 Turkey Dinner at Ellingson’s, Wedding openhouse Thomas & Autumn Greeley
24 Christmas Eve activities with Ray and Amy
25 Christmas with Ray and Amy – Visited Ellingson's and Mortensen's
Gave every family a Large Deluxe Leather Book of Mormon
26 Temple Sealings-first time bumped from flight to Conference Center
27 Visited Sam and Leona, Jorth and Peggy
28-31 Council Bluffs to meet Kelsie, Garrick
29 Colby and Kelsie engaged at Skating Rink
31 Jamie and Garrick engaged on Pedestrian Bridge

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