Friday, August 31, 2012

Minnie K. Stratton: poetry

Minnie K. Stratton was Irene Flake's mother!  (Grandma Richardson's grandma) I have memories of a very sweet loving great-grandmother who we used to visit often when I was young.  She was a great poet and here's a couple of her poems:

91st Birthday:
Another year has passed and gone
And I am still trying to carry on,
To live a life pleasing to thee
So we can meet in eternity.
             --January 28, 1953

Our Reunions:
(tune: Improve the Shining Moments)
Grandfather loved his family,
He gathered them around,
Each year all came together
From where they could be found.
Reunions thus were started
To strengthen family ties,
To know each other better
And to enrich our lives.

We love to have reunions
Where we can meet our kids,
Have program and entertainments,
And food fit for a king.
If we had no relations
How lonely we would be,
Our lives would be so empty
If our folds we could not see.

We all have fun together,
Do honor to our name,
And vow again this year
To glorify the same.
It makes us all much better
For our attendance here,
So let's all make an effort
To attend again next year.

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