Sunday, August 5, 2012

Grandaddy Flake's Mission to Mexico

by Rauna Richardson Mortensen
One thing I remember about Granddaddy Flake (Bruce Flake, Lavona's father) was his commitment to the gospel which started early in his life.  When he was old enough to go on a mission, his Bishop was filling out his application.  His Bishop had been his Spanish teacher in high school and he had failed that class.  So, the Bishop asked him if he wanted him to put down on the application that he had studied Spanish.  Granddaddy said 'no'--that he had no desire to go to the Mexican Mission (the only Spanish-speaking mission at that time.)  Well, sure enough--he was called to the Mexican mission--and he went, knowing that's where the Lord wanted him to go.  His mission turned out to be a wonderful experience for him--he learned to love the people and learned to love the language and received great joy serving the Lord and bringing many of the Lamanites into the Church.  His mission was a foundation for a lifetime of missionary work.  When he was bishop, nearly 100% of the boys of missionary age were sent on missions.  Also, all 7 of his children served missions.

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