Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hold Tight to the Willows

Hold Tight to the Willows
Story frequently told by Bruce Merlin Flake
(As recounted by Garry Flake)

In a small Utah town when they did the spring plowing with horses, a farmer could hardly wait until he could start plowing and getting the ground ready for a crop. Finally, the ground was ready and he started plowing with little desire to stop. To help him out, his wife sent lunch down to the fields with their small son. The son looked down the long row and saw his father coming then when he was at the end made a turn to plow another round. The son, disappointed that his father didn't stop and bored, went over to a small stream with a rushing Spring runoff. He started to play at the side of the bank that gave way and he slid down into the icy water grabbing the willows on the creek bank and holding on until his dad would pull him out. He shouted for his dad who was now nearing where his son was but was so intent on his plowing that he shouted to his son, "Hold tight to the willows, son, while I plow one more round."

What are the "willows?” They are family heritage, tradition, the principles and ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and especially those in the temple that bind us together eternally. So, when temptation, doubt, frustration, family challenges, and discouragement come into our lives - HOLD TIGHT TO THE WILLOWS!!

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