Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Eagle


“The Eagle has landed!” came the proud celestial cry—
           Commander Neil Armstrong had shouted from the sky.

           His lunar landing module had touched down on the moon,
           And he was ready to step down, upon its surface.  And soon,

           We’d hear the thrilling words, so marvelous to the mind,
           “One small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind!”

           This astronaut was a great man, so courageous and strong,
           Respected by his peers—and now, by the TV throng;

           And history books recorded, where famous names are strewn,
           “Neil Armstrong, the first of men to walk upon the moon!”

           The spacecraft’s name? “The Eagle.” Another thing to tout:                   
           Commander Neal Armstrong--was an Eagle Scout!

           So—the Eagle now has landed, named for the king of birds,
           That’s strong and swift, courageous, loyal to offspring. These words

           Apply to other Eagles—Boy Scouts who’ve passed the test,
           Who’re strong, courageous and loyal—a cut above the rest!

           The Eagle now has landed, son, on you!
           Wear it proudly, young man—to your Scout Oath be true;

           And like that lunar lander, and the man who steered it there,
           Always be an Eagle, an honor distinct and rare.

           And in the years to come, son, let your Eagle experience shine,
           That this great step, for you, may be a giant leap for mankind!

                                                        --Jay M. Richardson

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