Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Mule

                                     The Mule

William Jordan Flake, who founded Snowflake, believed a deal is a deal. He also believed in returning kindness.  He made a deal with James Stinson for the purchase of the Stinson ranch that became the Snowflake town site in July, 1878.  The purchase included land, water rights, a grain crop ready for harvest, farm equipment, a small home and six mules. In exchange, Flake gave Stinson 450 head of Utah grade cattle, delivering 150 head each fall for three years.  
When the deal was completed, Flake asked Stinson if he was satisfied. Stinson said, “I am perfectly satisfied but I want to keep a special saddle mule.”  Flake responded, "No, the mule was in the trade.  It belongs to me so pull your saddle off.”  Stinson said, "Let me keep the mule and you pick out five cows that you want to keep.  "No, a deal’s a deal," said Flake, "the mule is mine.”

With tears in his eyes, Stinson pulled off the saddle and handed the neck rope to Flake.  Then as Stinson walked back to pick up his saddle, Flake stopped him and said, "Stinson, we have done a lot of business the last three years and all of it was done without the scratch of a pen.  Through it all you have shown that you are a man of honor.  For a long time I have wondered how I might show my appreciation to you for all you have done for me and my people.  I want to present this mule to one of the squarest men I have ever met."  Flake handed to rope back to Stinson who saddled the mule and rode off without a word.

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