Friday, May 30, 2014


My dad went to another house to live the other day.
It's a place called "Paradise, " where lots of folks stay.

I hoped that he'd come back to us, but now I know that he
is waiting there 'til we can come, soon, in eternity

I really miss my friend, my dad-- wish he hadn't gone;
But, then I s'pose we all must go, when God said, You! Come on!

And so I've learned that death can be wonderful, glorious,
For it's the door to the new house that's waiting there for us.

And though that portal we are freed from pain and sin and strife;
And it's one further step we take toward eternal lIfe.

Oh, what a grand reunion there will be in years to come,
When I can go through that blest door, and say to him, "Hi, daddy!"

-Jay M. Richardson

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