Thursday, May 30, 2013

Remember Who You Are By Amy Richardson

It’s so hard to believe that 2 years ago my dad passed away. I will always remember my dad 
• Answering my billion “why” questions and teaching me how to eat sunflower seeds properly while driving to Utah. We always drove at night time so I would stay up all night during our drive to make sure he stayed awake.
• Finding a need for me to have braces in 3rd grade because I felt left out when Margie and Melvin got them. 
• I loved watching M.A.S.H with him while snuggling before bedtime. 
• Letting me tag along with him as he did outside chores and having the patience to teach me along the way
• Making me a cucumber and ranch sandwich when I would come home from school at noon and taking a quick 10 min nap.
• Meeting him on Alameda and College after he got off work to walk the rest of the way home. I was always so eager to see him and tell him all about my day.
• Taking the time to learn how to part my hair perfectly so I could put relaxer on it and holding the mirror for me every morning so I could have the perfect hair do.
• Waking me up in the morning by tinkling the bottom of my feet, while telling me it was time to get up.
• Catching for me in the early morning so I could practice my pitching and never complaining about how hard I threw.
• Always making an effort to run from work to watch me play soccer, softball or perform in marching band during halftime football games.
•He had a way of making my friends always feel welcomed and never hesitating to throw a pool party with hamburgers and watermelon.
• Telling me before I would leave to remember who HE was.
• Letting me act grown up when all he wanted was for me to stay young
• Allowing me to hide behind him when my shyness would overcome me but at the same time reminding me if he had always been shy he wouldn’t have met my mom.
• And always believing in me when I didn’t and making me feel like I could do anything!

Your baby girl will ALWAYS remember who you are!

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