Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The geneological father of every Flake in the U.S.

     Throughout history the Flakes have shown an almost stubborn conviction for personal ideals and beliefs.  This quest, quite simply, started with Samuel Flake in approximately 1700-1802, the genealogical father of literally every Flake found in the United States today.  Samuel Flake started this tradition by becoming a North Carolina Regulator; the Regulators were considered insurrectionists and vigilantes by the British governor of the time, William Tryon.  Samuel, along with several others, signed a petition of grievances against the British that would nearly cost him his life after the insurrection was put down in the battle of Alamance May 16, 1771.  Paradoxically, Samuel's religious beliefs would later land him in jail, labeled a turncoat, after the Revolutionary War.  But in the end he would be respected and revered for his personal convictions and willingness to stand up for his beliefs.  Ironically the great grandsons of Samuel Flake would again demonstrate this stubbornness and conviction in two dramatically different ways.  William J. Flake, along with his father, would carry his name and faith west with the Mormon Church, while Elijah W. Flake would carry his conviction sand beliefs to two of the most famous battles in civil war history.  In my blood and all the other descendents of Samuel Flake courses the same steadfast determination that has carried our name for 300 years of American History  --Faith Morph

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