Friday, September 7, 2012

Friends of the Golden Rule


   Now you’ve all met old Golden Rule, our friend, our way of life-er,
   But have you met his friends whose names are tricky to decipher?

   Their names, Cletifi, Betifi, Haptifi, each strange but a useful motto—
   May I just tell you how they help me do just what I ought to?
   Cletifi helps me take pride in my home and all around it--
   Each place I go I’ll always leave it CLEaner Than I Found It.
   Betifi is a similar soul—he’s bent on this: “Improve it.”
   So, when I go I’ll leave this world much BEtter Than I Found It.

   Haptifi helps me regard each soul worth more than all around him,
   So, when I meet then leave he’ll be much HAPpier Than I Found Him.

   My friends, Cletifi, Betifi, Haptifi—for sure it would behoove us,
   Along with dear old Golden Rule, to live them--they’ll improve us!
                                                                    --Jay M. Richardson

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